We now stock a small range of solar photovoltaic panels. These are
polycrystalline panels made from  wafers of silicon laminated between an
impact-resistant transparent cover and an EVA rear mounting plate. They are
constructed with a lightweight anodised aluminium frame which is predrilled for
linking to other frames/roof mounting structure, and contain waterproof electrical
terminal box on the rear.

In order to calculate the expected yield from these panels, it is assumed that the
UK receives on average (bad days and good days) around 4-5hours peak sun
hours during the summer and 1 hour of peak sun hours in the winter. In terms of
roof area, 1m2 will generally equate to approximately 140watts of solar PV
panel For an array of 1kWp, you would expect to produce around 750kWh of
electricity per year, if sited on a suitable south-facing location.  Solar yields will
vary across the country, and you can expect significantly more solar power from
Devon and Cornwall by comparison to Scotland.

Dimensions of panels:

5W panel  (polycrystalline)    29cm x 24cm      Price  £27
20W panel (polycrystalline)     54cm x 42cm    Price  £85
55W panel (polycrystalline)    117cm x 54cm   Price £230

Roof Mounting Clearance: Panels mounted on a roof should have at least 3         
                                                      inches, and preferably 4 to 6 inches, clearance   
                                                      between the bottom of the panel frame and the   
                                                      roof. This allows for air flow under the panels for  
                                                      cooling. Panels should never be mounted so       
                                                      there is no air flow under them, as they can          
                                                      reach very high temperatures that way.